The Film

Watching the testimony of a Holocaust survivor is powerful. But having a conversation with a survivor is life-changing. So what happens when there are none left to talk to? This is a 2.5 minute film about the world's most important innovation in Holocaust teaching & learning: The Forever Project. 

The Cast

The cast includes living members of the National Holocaust Museum's survivor family:  Janine Webber,  Joan Salter, Mala Tribich, Susan Pollack, Dr Agnes Kaposi and in a starring role, Dr Martin Stern. 

Poignantly, the cast also features Rudi Oppenheimer and Harry Bibring: two much loved survivors who have passed away - because with the power of The Forever Project, the conversation can go on.

The Technology

For almost 30 years, the National Holocaust Centre & Museum has been a second home for Holocaust survivors who came to the UK. Everyone who has visited them here has learned from their stories, wisdom and warmth. So we began to think: what will we do when they are no longer here? Our co founder Dr Stephen Smith MBE and his wife Heather began developing a technology that would let you have an in-depth question & answer session with a Holocaust survivor... even once they have passed away. In 2016, this became The Forever Project

Using a new combination of AI, voice recognition and machine learning, it enables you to ask survivors thousands of questions. In real time. From anywhere in the world.


The Learning Benefit

We know that talking with students rather than at them is 22% more effective. Research from the Government-backed Educational Endowment Fund found that Dialogic (or conversation-based) teaching gives students a 2-month advantage in a 9-month school year: they will acquire 2 months' more knowledge, and 2 months' more skill in the method of acquiring knowledge.

Want to book The Forever Project?

You can come to us. We can come to you. And you can use The Forever Project online too. Please head over to the Contact page.